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Island Film Dressing

Island Film Dressing
Island Film Dressing
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Wound Dressing - Island Film Dressing
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Posted: 2011-12-20

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Features and Benefits:
●  Transparent: The PU film is ultra thin and high transparent, monitoring the wound site without revealing the dressing.
●  Waterproof: The dressing is water repellent, sealing the wound to maintain a moisture environment to promote the wound healing.
●  Breathable: The dressing has good biocompatibility, permeable to the vapor and oxygen and non-permeable to the bacteria and other contamination.
●  Low allergenic: The adhesive has moderate viscosity, having no influence on sensitive person and leaving minimal adhesive residue upon
●  Conformable: The dressing can well blind to the body contour when the patient moves, providing great comfort and long adhesive.

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