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Island Nonwoven Dressing

Island Nonwoven Dressing
Island Nonwoven Dressing
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Wound Dressing - Island Nonwoven Dressing
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Posted: 2015-4-11

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Island Nonwoven Dressing

The dresssing is made of non-woven fabric and non-adherent pad. It is used for wound care.



• Self-adhesive: the skin-friendly adhesive simplifies dressing application. 

• Hypoallergenic: the adhesive has moderate viscosity, having no influence on sensitive person and leaving minimal adhesive residue on skin.

• Breathable: the porous structure of non-woven fabric ensures air and water vapour permeability.

• Absorbent: the wound pad can absorb moderate amount of wound fluids.



1) Take the dressing out of the sterile package and peel off the release paper.

2) Make the asorbent pad right on the wound and slightly stick it to the wound,then peel off the whole release paper.

3) Press the non-woven dressing around to smooth it.


          Other sizes can be customized. 


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