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Island Film Dressing

Island Film Dressing
Island Film Dressing
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Wound Dressing - Island Film Dressing
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Posted: 2015-4-11

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Transparent and waterproof  adhesive wound dressing
The dressing could keep water and bacteria out, has more holes to breath, could be easily processed, protect the wound from being rubbed, reduce the pain and infection and absorb wound fluids.
Transparent film(PU), absorbent pad, medical glue, release paper.
Mainly used to Cover and protect the wound after operation, emergency wound, minor cut and brush burn, and it also can be applied to fix catheter needle.
Features and Benefits:
●  Transparent: The PU film is very thin and high transparent, allows monitoring the wound site without revealing the dressing.
●  Waterproof: The dressing is water repellent, sealing the wound to maintain a moisture environment to promote the wound healing.
●  Breathable: The dressing has good biocompatibility, permeable to the vapor and oxygen and non-permeable to the bacteria and other contamination.
● Hypoallergenic: The adhesive has moderate viscosity, having no influence on sensitive person and leaving minimal adhesive residue upon
●  Conformable: The dressing can well blind to the body contour when the patient moves, providing great comfort and long adhesive.
  1) Clean and sterilize the wound.
  2)Open the envelope, take out the dressing and then remove the release paper
  3)Position the pad on the wound, fix the dressing firmly.
  4)Change dressing daily when needed.


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