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Tracheostomy Tube Holder

Tracheostomy Tube Holder
Tracheostomy Tube Holder
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Tracheostomy Dressing
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Posted: 2015-11-11

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Tracheostomy Tube Holder
The holder is designed to provide secure position and minimize movement of the Tracheostomy tube.
How to use it,
1 - Insert the narrow tabs through flanges on trach plate.
2 - Secure the narrow tabs over flanges to be adhere to the neckband.
3 - Adhere fastener tab of short section to the long neckband section.
4 - Adjust the excess material to be cut for proper length.
1 - Do not wash.
2 - For single use only.
3 - Disposable.
4 - Change the holder daily or if it is wet by water.

20Pcs×20Boxes, 400Pcs/Carton
660002 Children  20Pcs×25Boxes, 500Pcs/Carton

The sizes can be made as required.  

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