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Wound Closure Strips

Wound Closure Strips
Wound Closure Strips
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Surgical Tape
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Posted: 2014-8-18

Product details:

Material: Polyester Stretch Yarn.

Application: Used for the stitches in the wound after surgery and the wound in the daily life.


1.Unique tensile fibers to provide sufficient tension, reducing the chance of surgical wound dehiscence, the chance to reduce scar formation.

2. Using medical grade hypoallergenic acrylic adhesive

3. Offer a variety of sizes, suitable for different sizes of wound.

Using Steps:

1.First, use the normal saline to clean the wound and its surrounding skin to 8 centimeters.

2.When it''''''''s dry, take out the product and pull the tape gently. Adhesive wound site from its central, vertical adhesive tape wound, until the wound is completely covered.

3.When fixing the tape, no interval or overlap, and do not pull the tape.

4. It would be better if you keep using this products for 3-6 months.

Standard Size

 REF  Size(mm)  Packing
 646001  3×75  50bags/box, 24boxes/ctn
 646002  6×38  50bags/box, 24boxes/ctn
 646003  6×75  50bags/box, 24boxes/ctn
 646004  6×100  50bags/box, 24boxes/ctn
 646005  12×100  50bags/box, 24boxes/ctn



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